Date 4/19/13




After making a very detailed list, I headed to the store. I am one that has a list for everything. Getting to the store, having no clue what you need will never happen to me.

With list in hand, I purchased all items noted, plus a few other things that caught my eye. As I was checking out, the cashier asked about my lipstick color. She told me how much she liked it. Of course, I was flattered and began a discussion about what the color was and where she could purchase it. As the person behind me started moving up a little closer, I knew my time was up at the checkout line, so I headed to the car.

My husband is a dear, and always helps me bring in groceries and put them up. When I got home David started to unload the bags, while I put my phone on the charger. I was very surprised when he called out asking, "Who did you buy these large size dog biscuits for?"

Ok, I thought I heard him wrong. I do wear a hearing aid and sometimes what he says is not even close to what I thought I heard. Of course, he calls it "selective hearing" or feels I am really not even listening to him at all.

When I went into the kitchen to help put up the groceries and check on what I thought I heard, I could not believe what he was holding up. In his hand was indeed a bag of dog biscuits for large breed dogs.

The reason this is funny is because we have cats only. We both love dogs, but our rescue cats are afraid of dogs and have never been around them in a friendly household setting. I certainly would not have this particular item on my list.

Yes, you guessed it. It was the lipstick. I realized that I was too distracted with cosmetic talk to even notice what went into my bags. Guess the guy behind me didn't have a happy dog when he got home. We got a big laugh out of it, and I put them back in the bag with the receipt to return to the store the next day.

The biscuits were put in the car, but I drove right past the store the next day, before I realized it. In fact, I decided a medium chocolate shake was something I really needed at that particular time. McDonald's was calling my name.

As I drove into the parking lot to get in the drive-thru line, I noticed a guy sitting on the curb next to the Redbox video rental container. Next to him sat a large breed dog that looked like a mix of many breeds. The man and dog were obviously homeless. Someone had bought the man a burger. The dog looked on.

The dog biscuits screamed to me from the back seat. I got out of the line and out of my car, and walked over to the man and his dog. I asked him if he would accept the biscuits for the dog. His dog was very well mannered, and just stood by waiting for something good to come his way. He opened them right then and there and let the dog enjoy them?

I went inside and bought two more hamburgers - one for both man and dog, and two chocolate shakes. I had a big bottle of water in the car that I always carry around in case I need it, so it was used for the dog. I also had a plastic bowl with me to hold the water.

Both man and dog thanked me in their own way. Now, you know why I accidentally purchased a box of large breed biscuits. Sometimes it's the accidents that turn out to be the best part of your day.

Animal Angels don't just exist in my books. We can all be Angels to those animals who need us.

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