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Cara Jan & Anna



Date 3/13/13




When one our cats had a ‘cat cold’ and wanted to get away from their furry brothers and sisters, she would hide in the master bedroom closet in an empty box. The box was one of many I brought home from BJ’s - not just to store the contents of my purchases, but really more for the cats to play and hide in. This small box was one of their favorites.


The closet became the sick hideout, not just for Hannah, but others as well. I worried about Hannah not getting enough water. There was no problem with food, because I took it to her when she was sick and didn’t want to be involved in the dinnertime ritual. But, water, was another matter. She has a thyroid condition and is on permanent medication.


I filled up a ceramic bowl with filtered water and placed it on a towel in the closet, just to make sure she had it available. Before we knew it, every cat was going to the closet to drink this water. Of course, we have water all over the house and a very nice DRINKWELL Fountain (which they love also).


Even though Hannah recovered and was out of the box and none were in the box, they still made their way to the closet to drink from this - what I call the ‘vintage’ water. It must be special or taste better than the rest because they will actually wait in line to drink from it. This bowl of water has been in the closet now for over a year.


A little preaching here, if I may. Sometimes we forget just how important water is to our pets. Just think of how thirsty you get when outside on a hot day. Your animals have the same needs. Please, always have plenty of clean water out for them, whether they are inside or out. Put yourselves in their place. Water is important to all animals and needs to be easily accessible to them at all times.


If you can’t seem to get your pets to drink enough water, try putting a bowl in your closet, and watch them line up for a taste.



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